March 21-23, 2016, GANIL, Caen, France


Monday, March 21, 2016


13:30-14:00  Registration

14:00-14:20  Introduction

14:00           Introduction:  LEWITOWICZ, Marek

14:20-14:50  EMILIE project: General scope

14:20 The EMILIE project: DELAHAYE, Pierre

14:50-15:50 Charge breeding techniques worldwide: invited talks

14:50 Charge Breeding Experiences with an ECR and an EBIS for CARIBU: VONDRASEK, Richard

15:20 Injection and Ion Extraction Techniques at the Brookhaven High Current: EBIS BEEBE, Edward

16:20-16:50 Charge breeding techniques worldwide

16:20 A new electron beam ion source as charge breeder for rare isotope beams at TRIUMF: BLESSENOHL, Michael A.

       A new electron beam ion source as charge breeder for rare isotope  beams at TRIUMF:  DOBRODEY, Stepan

16:50-18:10 EMILIE project: EBIS beam debuncher

16:50 Ion and atoms traps developments at Laboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire de Caen: BAN, Gilles

17:20 Simulations, design and commissioning of the debuncher prototype for theEMILIE project: TRAYKOV, Emil

17:50 Discussion

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


09:00-10:30 EMILIE project: ECR charge breeding tests

09:00 Research of CB ECRIS plasma with the aid of injected 1+ beam: KOIVISTO, Hannu

09:30 LPSC contributions to the Emilie project: ANGOT, Julien

10:00 Recycling of sediments from ECR chamber wall by the electron escape paths changing in the magnetic trap: STANDYLO, Lukasz

11:00-12:20 EMILIE project: ECR charge breeder optimization

11:00 The SPES-Charge Breeder and its beam line: technological aspects: GALATÀ, Alessio

11:30 Performances of the SPIRAL1 charge breeder: MAUNOURY, Laurent

12:00 Discussion

13:30-17:00 Lab visit: SPIRAL 1 & 2

20:00-22:00 Workshop dinner
Workshop dinner downtown Caen

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


09:00-10:00 EMILIE project: Numerical simulations

09:00 The contribution of INFN to the EMILIE Project:GALATÀ, Alessio

10:30-11:30 Workshop concluding remarks

10:30 EMILIE: Perspectives DELAHAYE, Pierre

10:50 Discussion

12:00  End of the EMILIE Workshop