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What is EMILIE ?

As the most advanced concept of ISOL facility, EURISOL aims at producing unprecedented intensities of post-accelerated radioactive isotopes. Charge breeding, which transforms the charge state of radioactive beams from 1+ to an n+ charge state prior to post-acceleration, is a key technology which has to overcome the following challenges: high charge states for high energies, efficiency, rapidity and purity. During FP6 the two techniques of ECR and EBIS charge breeding were compared and were found to be complementary. However they still require dedicated R&D: ECRIS are capable to charge breed large intensities (>>1010 pps) for moderate charge states, but suffer from low efficiency for condensable elements. In contrast, EBIS sources provide high charge states, but are limited in capacity (<1010 pps) and are pulsed devices which complicate events detection especially for in-beams experiments. We propose in the EMILIE Project to combine efforts for the improvement of both techniques, for their optimal use in the future EURISOL facility.